Jelani The Ape At Louisville Zoo Enjoys Looking At Photos With Visitors. But Fewer People Visit As Weather Turns Cool

Jelani the ape at louisville ky zoo

There’s an interesting teenager ape at the Louisville Kentucky zoo. His name is Jelani and he lives with two other teenager apes in the ape park at the zoo. Of course there is something special about all animals, but Jelani the ape is kind of different because he loves to look at videos and photos.

Jelani The Ape Seems Friendly, But…

In the video, the news people and the zookeeper talk about Jelani The Ape being friendly and enjoying the company of humans who share photos. But if you haven’t already noticed, there is a huge piece of transparent barricade standing between him and the people.

He probably would not be very lovely dovey if there were swarms of humans gathering around him. Not saying that he would be scared, but he might become territorial? Primates are certainly entertaining to look at through the glass, but absolutely scary when you think about how strong they are.

Prices for tickets are 16.75 or 11.75 for kids and seniors. Tickets can be bought a year in advance. A Quote from the zoo website says:

Tickets are valid for one year from date of purchase

Jelani The Ape At Louisville Zoo Likes To Look At Photos With His Visitors. He Needs More Company, Says Zookeeper, Visitors Are Not As Plentiful In The Cooler Months.

Now that the summer is falling away, there won’t be as many visitors to see Jelani the ape. The zookeeper/worker says that the ape still needs some company so he won’t be lonely. So keep him in mind if you go on a little road trip in the Louisville area. Stop in and show Jelani some photos of animals or of the kids. It’ll be fun, and don’t worry, you will be safe as long as you stay on your side of the barrier. Here’s a photo from that shows the Gorilla Sanctuary last year.

Jelani the ape in Gorilla sanctuary at Louisville Kentucky zoo he likes photographs and videos

Jelani the ape in Gorilla sanctuary at Louisville Kentucky zoo he likes photographs and videos. Img credit:

Watch video of Jelani enjoying pictures of newscaster’s kids!

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