When The Bingo Hall In Paris Kentucky Closed Down For Fraud

bingo KY

I used to go to the Bingo in Paris Kentucky when ever I could get a babysitter. But then, unfortunately, it got closed down for fraud and I had to look elsewhere for my Bingo fun.

I winded up going a couple of times to an out of town Bingo, which was okay. But I much prefer convenience of not traveling out of town.

I was excited when I learned that I could play Bingo online. I don’t need a baby sitter for this either.

Check it out! facebook.com/bingo

Bingo has now re-opened in the Paris Kentucky Bingo Hall. For more information on what time and where it is, here’s the deal:
Bourbon Star Bingo

4243 Lexington Rd
Paris, KY 40361

(859) 987-9893‎

November 27th, 2008 by