Holy Smokes, I’ve Never Seen A Catfish This Big – How Many People Could It Feed if He Keeps It?


I wanted to talk about some good fishing holes in Kentucky, but I caught site of this fisherman and I had to share him catching this fish on his boat. Nice job?

This is the most amazing sized catfish I have ever seen.  In fact, If I saw this in real life, I would try to run away.  How many people could feast upon this fish.  This reminds me of the thing it says someplace in the Bible about the fish feeding so many people.  If they had fish like this, I can see why they would feed a big crowd.  Apparently the people were around the sea a lot, but I doubt they were used to reeling this kind of fish in.  Maybe I’m getting way too excited about this.  haha

June 2nd, 2015 by