Curtis Deal Killed 1 Day After Release From Jail [VIDEO]

curtis deal pointing gun before being killed by detective in Boston

What was this kid, Curtis Deal, running around the alleyways with a pistol right after getting out of jail? Why wasn’t he at home with his mom and dad trying to fix these recent troubles he’d been having?

I mean take a five minute break from crime and try to sort out your future. WTF, MAN!? Young people have become so desperate in our country. What happened to us? What’s the story behind this young man? No resources? No family? Nobody caring about him? I’m so angry… not at the cop or the courts… just angry that this person did not choose differently or have a choice.

curtis deal troubled teen from boston, killed Tuesday.

curtis deal troubled teen from boston, killed Tuesday.

Curtis Deal turned 18 in 2016 November. On January 4th 2017 he chalked up four handgun charges. Allegedly, a hundred thousand in bail was put up for him and he was released.

But, January 30th, he landed another arrest for dealing heroin “allegedly”. Again, he was given a court date, and released.

A few days later, the first week of February, Curtis Deal copped nine new charges related to guns and drugs.

Curtis’ attorney told the judge a story about how the young man’s family were churchgoers, and there were plans for Curtis to join the Armed Forces and get an education. The judge let Curtis out of jail on an unsecured quarter million dollar bond. She imposed a curfew on him and wished him luck.

The very next day, after getting out of jail on unsecured bond, Curtis was running with a pistol in his hand and police were in pursuit. Curtis turned the gun on detective Kincaid. Before Curtis could fire, Kincaid shot and killed the teen.

I’m a little curious as to why the grandiloquent “Hollywood” celebrities prefer going to other countries to help children when we have desperate children right here in the USA who could use HELP, LOVE, GUIDANCE, MONEY, EDUCATION, OPPORTUNITIES, and GOOD HOMES!

God help us all. God bless the USA.

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