Kentucky Mobile Dentist Names Mountain Dew As Culprit For Rotten Teeth – Mobile Dentist to help

Kentucky Dentist Wants To Educate Families About Soda Pop Increasing Tooth Decay Acceleration?

There’s a free dental mobile traveling the Appalachian hills. The Pepsi corporation has donated a huge chunk of money to get kids in Kentucky the dental work they so desperately need. The Kentucky Mobile Dentist Program is designed to treat and educate.

All Sugary Soft Drinks Can Wreck Teeth – But Mountain Dew Is Popular In KY!

Do you know what the tooth decay culprit is down there in the mountains? Believe it or not, It is the soda pop Mountain Dew, with full strength caffeine and sugar.

Parents Don’t Want The Kiddos To Be Depressed?

It has been said that the mountaineers give the kids lots of the sugary drink to help alleviate the children’s depression. What the heck!!?? Seriously!

The Pain Is Unbearable, Untreatble As Unaffordable. DEAR GOD!

Dr Smith knows that some teeenagers have pulled their own teeth with pliers because of tooth pain, and he’s treated 2-year-olds with up to 12 cavities in their baby teeth.

Help For Eastern Kentucky Kids – Mobile Dental

Kids First Dental: Dr. Edwin Smith’s dental van currently provides school-based dental services to children in 16 eastern Kentucky counties.
Phone: 606-546-7410

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