Paris Kentucky Missing Child Found in Lexington Kentucky

Missing Child

Missing Child Found

A boy goes to soccer practice and his mom sits in the car doing homework with her other kid for a couple of hours. Then practice is over and the boy doesn’t see him mom waiting and mom doesn’t see her missing child among any of the four fields of players. She waited and waited….. he never came out.

She called 911 and the search began in Lexington Kentucky for the seemingly lost or abducted eleven year old boy from Paris Kentucky.

After two hours of searching, thank heavens, the boy was spotted walking north, on his way home to Paris. It is about a twenty mile hike from where he was practicing soccer at Lexington Christian Academy.

You wouldn’t believe the insulting comments that were made on wkyt news site regarding the reporting of this missing boy to the the authorities. People are accusing this mom of over-reacting. It’s obvious they live in a sheltered fantasy world!

I’ve experienced the twinge and terror of a missing child and it ain’t no joke, folks!

March 17th, 2010 by