5 Reasons To Go Vegan By Dotty Morris @parisky #memories

Chocolate chips for brains Dotty Morris

My lovely vegan niece is such a special young lady. She has been going at that Hollywood thing now for several years. Dotty MorrisĀ loves doing things considered behind the scenes. You know, like choreography, scripts, directing, etc. She’s brilliant and I know a lot of families have at least one individual in their tree who sort of just stands out. That’s how my mama’s namesake is to us. Well, enough yammering from me, so here’s her little video on 5 good reasons to go vegan.


Dotty Morris says:

1.Animals feel and fear pain. 2.Meat is worse for global warming than cars. 3.It it’s wrong to eat a dog, then it’s wrong to eat a chicken. 4. Eating meat increases your chances of heart disease by 50 percent. 5.The grain used for livestock could cure the worlds hunger.

OK, people, anything to add to this? How do you feel about her comments? Are they pretty accurate?

I started writing this blog post because I was doing a little slide show for family memories. I sort of went a little deeper than I intended. Here’s the photo slide.

October 24th, 2016 by