Trinity Gay has been killed


Trinity Gay has been killed. This is just horrible news! Guys! Can you imagine your child being in this situation? I am so scared of what’s going on all around the United States Of America! Why are people fighting and ultimately hurting so many others?

Lexington Police responded to a shooting near University of Kentucky’s campus in Lexington Kentucky about 4 a.m. Sunday. Witnesses reported gunfire came from two vehicles.

Officers located one of the vehicles and stopped two people for questioning.
Police were still searching for the other car and are continuing to investigate.

A police spokesperson stated that police don’t believe Trinity was inside the vehicles involved.

The police did not identify Trinity Gay by name, saying a juvenile was taken to UK Hospital and later pronounced dead. Local Lexington News Channel 18 reported that Trinity was shot in the neck.

Eerily, Trinity tweeted a short time before the shooting. Saying she was at the Cook Out Restaurant, near the U.K. campus. She posted “Of course they start shootin”.

Trinity Gay was a sprinter at Lafayette High in Lexington Kentucky. She competed in the state Class 3A high school track meet back in May.

Her father, Tyson Gay, also ran at Lafayette and holds the state record in the 100 set in 2001. Tyson has competed in the past three Summer Olympics.

Many have tweeted messages of support to those affected.
U.S.A.T.F. Tweeted: Sending our thoughts & prayers to @TysonLGay & his loved ones as they mourn the tragic & senseless loss of his daughter, Trinity.

Guys, just a reminder to all of you, please be mindful of your surroundings and make sure that you educate your kids on the serious violence all around us. Obviously, we can’t hold their hands as they mature into teenagers. But remind them of the danger out there. After this horrible tragedy, I am making sure my youngest teenager knows that he should call Nine One One and duck right away if he hear’s gunfire in his vicinity.

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