With 4 Big Strawberry Farms In Kentucky, Why Is Virginia Business Buying Hepatitis Berries From Egypt?

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I’m just curious why a smoothie cafe in Virginia is selling drinks that contain strawberries bought from strawberry farms in Egypt. Now there’s several people contaminated with Hepatitis A because of an Egypt strawberry farm! The smoothie cafe business in question has removed the tainted strawberries from its restaurants.

A health department in Virgina says there is time to get a vaccine, so if you have symptoms or have consumed strawberries at Tropical Smoothie recently, you might want to find out about getting the cure.

USA has its OWN Strawberry Farms – Stop Using EGYPT!

Why aren’t the businesses in the USA buying strawberries from the USA or at least Mexico? This is especially weird because Virginia is like right next to Kentucky, you know? And there are several great strawberry farms in Kentucky. I can only imagine that Virgina probably has several strawberry farms to its credit as well.

In a BING search here are the top four strawberry farms in Kentucky that popped up for me

list of strawberry farms in kentucky

list of strawberry farms in Kentucky

The report at WTVR (source) gives more detail on this contamination and also says this is NOT the first time that strawberries from Egypt have been linked to HEPATITIS.

Be careful folks, but don’t act like a creep. If you eat strawberries in an establishment, or are considering it – you might ask them where they are from – but do it nicely so you don’t seem hateful.

After this issue in 2013ish with strawberries and pomegranate, isn’t it about time we STOP IMPORTING BERRIES!!

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