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Inmate no pants? The inmate previously committed a crime – it was her first offense so she got to use the diversion process. What she neglected to do after qualifying as a first offender,  was show up and get the ball rolling – usually you get assigned a task in lieu of doing jail time or paying fines. You might do community service or attend an aa class, or whatever pertains to the crime. It could just be paying off a hot check! Also, you gotta stay out of trouble during this time as well.

Well, she never got her alternative punishment started, so a warrant was issued for the lady and she was arrested and put in Fayette County – Lexington Kentucky’s jail. LFUG?

She was transferred to Louisville Ky’s jail and sat there for a couple of days waiting to get her sentencing in court. So when court day comes, a deputy at the Louisville jail apparently sends her off to court without any pants. Nice!

To me it appeared that Judge Amber Wolf couldn’t even believe the spectacle before her in court. I think she was thinking it was some kind of practical joke because it was so outrageous!

Then she finds reality and says cover up this defendant now and this cant wait, so she summoned a jail employee to the court room for some explainin’ to do.

The judge says this situation will probably go much further, and not just because of me…… in other words, I believe she is telling the jailer/deputy that this lady inmate could easily raise some hell over this and she doesn’t blame her one bit for it.

in this video you’ll see the jail’s statement at the end regarding the inmate no pants and no feminine hygiene  “claims” .

Jail poor excuse for Inmate NO PANTS! 🙁

This is not much coverage of the Jail firing back…. But don’t they know they should just shut up? There’s NOTHING Nothing nothing they can say to make this situation better better better. QUIET, please. I’m sorry for that chic being humiliated like that. It’s like a reallllly bad dream. except outrageous and real. What in tarnation was the deputy thinking when they got her out of her cell to let her attend court without a uniform. Next video is the longer version. Ok, I’m done.

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