He Eats rolls of toilet paper even at starbucks: SHOENICE

eating toilet paper


This is about crazy behavior – eating toilet paper! Okay, years ago it was totally mind boggling to watch the celeb youtube character known as theShoeNice guzzle bottles of liquor straight down. Like wendy williams, no chasers.

Anyhow, I was browsing a few reaction or commentary vids on youtube a while back, and one dude specifically had a video where todd bridges and others were making fun of shoenice. I had not been to visit ShoeNice in a while, so I gave it a search.

One weird thing I noticed about his channel uploads is he has an abundance of toilet paper eating videos. Like he does it for a world record, and he does it in Times Square, and he even goes in Boulder Colorado Starbucks and eats the toilet paper from the restroom. What the heck, MAN!

So, like five years ago this eating toilet paper thing began:

So let’s do it in Times Square, eating squares of paper in Times Square

How fresh is Starbucks’ ….. BATHROOM paper? omyhellno

Two Ply toilet paper is better when you’re in a hungry mood!

Let’s go for a world record for eating toilet paper, ’cause you know, lotsa ppl covet this position.

Eating toilet paper might be a little dry, so add some hot sauce

There are even more toilet paper eating videos, BUT in case you run out of TP, there’s Plan B – Tampons! indeed…

Gross? yeppers.

why do people eat paper besides entertainment reasons?

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