Rob Kardashian Jr Still Losing Pounds? Yes!

Rob Kardashian Jr Face

I was reading a lot of negative comments about Rob Kardashian on one of the articles at dailymail UK. People were saying his weightloss was gimmicky and he’s all done with the weightloss now cause he done got paid, and why does he wear the same clothes every day? etc etc.

How much weight has Rob Kardashian Jr lost? so far about fifty pounds.

Negative comments left about Rob Kardashian

when they got engaged and pregnant he was like f-this I am just gonna go back to being a lazy pig.

They are loosers who are having a baby and already trying to make money off of it

Why does he wear the same thing every day? It makes him look bigger.

That is prob because he is getting bigger again!


Yeah, I saw Rob in an interview at the airport saying something like he packs ten of the same colored shirts and sweats in his luggage. I dont think it looks like he is getting bigger, but the floppy clothes may make him appear bigger. I still feel that he is shedding pounds and will continue losing his extra weight. He’s starting to get his face back. It’s a long road back, but he can do it.

June 8th, 2016 by