Morehead State University Having Open House November 7th

Morehead Ky Open House at Morehead State University

Morehead State University is having open house on November 7th. If you want to sign up just go to their page here. This isn’t to sign up for a class, it’s just so you can take a tour of the college and speak with the faculty team and learn what Morehead has to offer.

What Does Morehead State University Have Planned For Open House?

According to the information and the videos on youtube this open house will be very helpful to potential students. There will be advisors there to talk about classes and how the college credits stack up. They say they are looking forward to this open house because they are really prepared and ready to answer everyone’s questions.

Morehead State University is inviting parents and students to attend the open house on November 7th. Opportunities include having lunch with faculty and students.

Members of the faculty team will be there to discuss the academic side of things. The financial aid department will be on hand to talk to people about the money side. They said financial aid will be available. It never hurts to sign up for free grant money, especially to strengthen one’s education!

It sounds like a fun time. Also, don’t forget there will be a tour of the university. If you aren’t ready to attend the open house, but want to know more about it, just click the link above and there will be a button you can click to get the info you need. They even have live chat available on the website.

9 – 9:55 a.m. Registration & Refreshments
10:15 a.m. Welcome Session
10:30 a.m. Academic Breakout
11:15 a.m. Campus Tours
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