Chris Hargis Lost Wife And Three Children In Maysville Ky Fire, HORRIBLE STORY

Maysville Ky Chris Hargis lost 3 children and wife

Chris Hargis lost three of his young children and his wife in a raging Maysville Ky fire this week. He battled flames and covered two of his kids with blankets and carried them from the burning apartment. His wife, an ex marine, was trying to rescue other children but didn’t make it out of the fire alive.

This is such a heart breaking story. I can’t imagine what this man is going through. The fire destroyed the nearly the whole block and left approximately 30 people without homes. Another person died in the fire, an elderly neighbor, 68 year old Larry Brickels.

It was reported on that the area where the mother and children were found in the building did not have fire detectors (smoke alarms). They reported that the fire chief  said Mr Brickels’ place did have smoke alarms.

[Maysville Fire Chief Kevin Doyle] said the home where the children died didn’t have any working smoke detectors. The building where the neighbor [Larry Brickels] died did have detectors.

I’m pleading with landlords and tenants, PLEASE enable your smoke alarms. Drop off batteries to your tenants, landlords. Please, people who are in a residence with smoke alarms disabled, or absent – PLEASE CHANGE THIS RIGHT AWAY.

This fire is said to have been an accident. You NEVER know when an accident will happen outside of your control and affect your life and family in the worst way.

Watch the news video clip about the Maysville Ky fire from wlwt Cincinnati Ohio:

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