Amusement Park ARK ENCOUNTER Opening 2016 Wants Employees To Sign Faith Contract – GAYPHOBE ALERT!

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The new amusement park ARK ENCOUNTER plans to open in Williamstown/Grant County Kentucky next year. They want to employ ONLY the most well behaved workers. In other words, don’t be GAY and don’t be a SINNER. You have to make a promise of faith when you apply for the job.

Our purpose through the Ark Encounter is to serve and glorify the Lord with our God-given talents with the goal of edifying believers and evangelizing the lost.

I suppose if you get a job at an amusement park you are expected to behave a certain way. I’m sure the ladies who play princesses at Disney are not part time workers at Mr Hof’s Ranch. I doubt Disney employers would put up with that.

So, is this that much different? Maybe! Really I would like to know how these mfers are going to know who is sinning and who isn’t. Anyone with a clear head could easily sign these contracts of faith.

Humans sin. And they are forgiven, right? So, if somebody wants a job that badly at the ARK ENCOUNTER, I doubt they’ll let a little fornication or weedsmoking in their personal life interfere with their behavior on the TIME CLOCK.

Ky dot com suggested  they had their own doubts about governer Steve Beshear’s eligibility to get a job at the ARK ENCOUNTER concession stand. I know Steve’s a fkup, but is he really that big of a sinner?

many people will not be eligible for employment. I suspect that even Beshear would not be eligible for a minimum-wage position selling [funnel cakes] [They’re better than hotdogs!].

Hey, Steve, my mom’s still waiting on those KY CASINOS… wait, she’s been dead for two years now -nvmd.

I used to work at a place that did “random” drug tests every six months. You could always tell who had smoked pot that week! I hated their ideals and the way they just dismissed people and escorted them out of the office. That’s another confession for another day. Thank you.

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